Mr. Yang Renhua from High-tech District visited IDI 2018-02-18
The professors of Northwest University School visited IDI about CTLM artificial 2018-02-12
Mr. Chen Datong, Chairman of Investment Committee for Huachang Investment, visit 2018-02-09
The Chairman of Wu Jieping Medical Foundation, with another people, visited IDI 2018-01-29
CTLM clinical trials started officially 2018-02-27
The engineers of IDI completed the service work of foreign CTLM 2018-01-18
Chief medical officer of American IDSI Company visited IDI 2017-11-27
IDI’s CTLM product obtained product registration inspection report 2017-10-18
IDI and CETC the strategic cooperation agreement 2017-06-29
IDI achieved a success in the technology transfer and training 2017-08-03



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