Xi'an IDI Laser Image Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as IDI) devotes itself to the introduction of international advanced technology to provide safe and efficient screening devices for early screening of mammary cancer patients in China. Through our efforts, we hope to contribute to the early detection of tumors in mammary cancer patients in China and save their lives. What we strive for is a career carrying the mission and responsibility, which is to provide perfect products to fulfill our historical mission and heavy social responsibilities and which is also the ultimate goal of our company.

  We deeply feel the sense of mission and responsibility in the face of the current developing situation in this field: it is related to people and families' yearning for a better life and their hope for health and happiness. We deeply know that the early detection of mammary cancer is the key to cure. By introducing the proprietary technology with 21 patents from American Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc. and manufacturing the CTLM® devices according to China's actual conditions, we try our best to improve the proportion of the detection of mammary cancer in an early stage.

  IDI, a new company in the field of medical devices, is clearly aware of our mission and responsibilities. Since the establishment of our company, we continued to improve ourselves, face the challenges and fight for our goals bravely on the basis of the technology leading, people-oriented, inclusive spirit and the spirit of respect for staff, in order to benefit the patients as soon as possible. We understand that we need to do things down-to-earth. And only we provide quality products, can we create value for society and thus achieve ourselves.

Looking forward to the future, IDI will continue to introduce the updated products from U.S., widely cooperate with the domestic and overseas science and technology research institutions, and commit to creatively developing the CTLM® as usual, in order to support the detection and treatment of mammary cancer in an early stage in China.




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