Mr. Yang Renhua from High-tech District visited IDI
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    As the Chinese New Year begins, after suddenly getting warmer, the weather has turned cold again.. On the 3rd day of the first lunar month, Mr. Yang Renhua, the director of High-tech District, visited to IDI, and sent the New Year’s greeting to the employees who stuck to work on their positions.

    IDI is a high-tech company which specializes in manufacturing Computed Tomography Laser Mammography System, with 21 American patents and proprietary technology. Mr. Yang, the Chairman of the company introduced the development history since the establishment of the company in High-tech District in May last year, and appreciated greatly on the high efficient service and the superior industrial development environment that approaches and favors businessman in this district.

    Mr. Yang looked on the demonstration of the featured products of IDI, learnt about the production and R&D situations in detail, and provided some suggestions about product optimization from the view of user experience. A survey of an enterprise gradually converted to a “brainstorming” discussing the product improvement, quality assurance, industrial chain matching upstream and downstream, human resources supply and government industrial service efficiency.




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