Mr. Chen Datong, Chairman of Investment Committee for Huachang Investment, visit
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   On February 9, Mr. Chen Datong, Chairman of Investment Committee for Hua Capital Management Co., Ltd, made a special trip to IDI for inspection and guidance.

    Mr. Chen once was the co-founder of OmniVision Technologies, Inc., the founding partner of Huashan Capital, the venture partner of Northern Light Venture Capital, and one of the founders of SPREADTRUM, with rich experience and high reputation in the field of high-tech investment. Because of the delay of the flight, his planned four-hour journey was reduced to three hours. In a short period of three hours, Mr. Yang Lixin, the Chairman of IDI Company and the principals of production, R&D, quality and sales departments reported the development history and achieved results since the establishment from June, 2017.

    Mr. Chen showed his appreciation for the achievements made by IDI in a short period of time, especially the realization process of localization after the introduction of American technology. In addition, Mr. Chen believed that although IDI was not established for long, it was indeed a very standard, professional and young company, and could quickly digest and absorb the most advanced technology from the United States to improve the comprehensive performance of CTLM.

    Through three hours of communication, Mr. Chen Datong gave recognition to the achievements of IDI in the past six months, and gave valuable suggestions on the application of artificial intelligence technology and the construction of after-sales service system.




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