CTLM clinical trials started officially
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    On February 26, Shaanxi Provincial Cancer Hospital held a CTLM clinical trial project launch meeting. The meeting was chaired by Song Zhangjun, the chief investigator of the project and dean of Shaanxi Provincial Cancer Hospital. Dean Song first expressed his expectations for the results of this clinical trial, and hoped that all parties would work together to jointly advance the trial process and join hands to complete the trial. At the same time, he emphasized that during the testing process, we must strictly abide by the requirements of the GCP regulations and follow the test procedures to ensure that the data was true, safe, and effective, and we must strictly protect the safety and legal rights of the participants.

    The project inspector trained the participants, explained the key contents in detail and answered the questions presented by the researchers. Then Director Zhang put forward specific requirements for the experiment and later work from the point of view of GCP. The conference also made a division of duties for the researchers and granted authorization by signature.

    The launch meeting marked the start of the CTLM clinical trial project. The first subject joined the group at the same day.




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